Eat What You Want Day

The "eat what you want" day is a day that should be a day that does full justice to the term "holiday". Here you can feast to your heart's desire! To completely evade the meaning of such an important day would be rude in a certain way, wouldn't it?
Day of the Superheroes

National Superhero Day

Nerds from all over the world: Today we celebrate Superhero Day. And yes, we celebrate it! We got a skeptical look on the tube this morning, but what do these Muggles know.

World Penguin Day

Let's face it: the penguin is one of the coolest animals ever. It is therefore not surprising that a complete day was dedicated to him on April 25th.
Super Mario & Joshi

Super Mario Day

On March 10th Mario has - as every year - once again his big appearance: the plumber in red with a penchant for green pipes!

Frozen Food Day

What would we do without this ingenious invention? In my case a clear thing: I would have starved to death many years ago!
pexels-photo-3696170 1

Day of the earthworm

Today, yes exactly today, we celebrate the day of the earthworm. For those of you who haven't been out in the wild for a while: These are small, slimy worms that burrow through the ground.

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