6 months until Christmas

Can you believe it? In exactly six months it will be Christmas again. Then the madness starts all over again: decorating, Secret Santa and countless family parties. And all that with temperatures hovering around freezing. Well, we don't feel like Christmas yet.

Sherlock Holmes Day

Heute am 03.01 feiern wir den Geburtstag von J.R.R. Tolkien. Für alle Nerds, die genau so sehr wie wir von Mittelerde träumen, ist dieser Tag ein ganz besonderer. Denn mit „Der Herr der Ringe“ und dem „Hobbit“ hat J.R.R. uns ein absolutes Meisterwerk geschenkt.
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World Bee Day

Nowadays, people are far less skeptical about bees than they were a few years ago. Many have realized how important these animals - which, by the way, actually only sting when they are attacked - are for the environment.
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Everything sucks day

Not only passionate pessimists should be happy about this news: yes, it really exists, the "Everything sucks" day! On April 15, it is officially allowed and even desired to think everything, but really everything sucks.
ChuckNorris - Karate

Birthday of Chuck Norris

Today we celebrate the birthday of none other than Chuck Norris! What comes to mind when we think of Chuck? Masculinity, superhuman abilities, and strength.

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