Sushi Tag

On 18.06. many fans of the individual, light cuisine celebrate Sushi Day! Not only in the relevant restaurants, but also at home, of course, you can feast what you want.

Captain Picard Day

As Captain of the USS Enterprise D (NCC-1701-D) and USS Enterprise E (NCC-1701-E), Sir Patrick Stewart has created a role that for many was probably like a father substitute. Unconventional but loyal, he always sticks by his crew and Starfleet - a real childhood hero!
Talk like Yoda

Talk like Yoda Day

When master Yoda had his first appearance in the film "The Empire Strikes Back" on 21.05.1980, it was quickly done by many fans. Yoda is the oldest and most powerful Jedi Knight - despite his small body size.

Eat What You Want Day

The "eat what you want" day is a day that should be a day that does full justice to the term "holiday". Here you can feast to your heart's desire! To completely evade the meaning of such an important day would be rude in a certain way, wouldn't it?
Day of the Superheroes

National Superhero Day

Nerds from all over the world: Today we celebrate Superhero Day. And yes, we celebrate it! We got a skeptical look on the tube this morning, but what do these Muggles know.

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