Here you will find some answers to general questions concerning NerdSpot.

What is NerdSpot?

We explain exactly what NerdSpot is on our about page. Here we would like to ask you to stop by and check it out

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Who is behind

Nerdspot is a project of PCSG. We are a small software company from Solingen, Germany, consisting of nerds and geeks from the bottom of our hearts.

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How to personalize nerdspot?

You're not interested in comics and books? No problem! When you sign up, there are many ways to personalize our service to suit your personal preferences and select up to dozens of different categories!

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When will new events be added?

Our nerd spotties are not only nerdy, but also very curious. In addition to numerous regular geek events, which are equally valid every year, the nerd spotties are also looking for important events, which are only valid for one year and ensure that the data in our database always up to date!

If you have some events that are not yet in our calendar, we would be happy if you contact us.

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What else does Nerdspot offer besides GeekEvents?

We publish editorial articles with additional information about strange holidays or people you have to know as a nerd on our site.

In our blog you will not only find nerdy events, often we also present nerdy items or gimmicks.

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What happens to the user data?

Data protection is very important to us. Therefore, the data you leave on our website will only be used to provide our services. Find out more in our privacy policy.

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