Day of the morning grouch

Not everyone always greets the new day with a smile. On the contrary! There are quite a few people who say of themselves "Yes, I am a morning person! And exactly these people have a very special day dedicated to them. October 07 is the day of the morning grouch.

Crush a Can-Day

What could be more casual than to crush the can - ideally in one (!) hand - after enjoying a cool beer and THEN throw it into the trash?
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First broadcast of He-Man

He-Man is the central hero of the action figure series Masters of the Universe and one of the greatest heroes of our childhood. He-Man was more than just a simple character.

Birthday of Tim Burton

On 25.08.1958 Tim Burton was born in Burbank, a suburb of Los Angeles. Already in his childhood he discovered that drawing was one of his greatest talents.
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