Super Mario & Joshi

Super Mario Day

On March 10th Mario has - as every year - once again his big appearance: the plumber in red with a penchant for green pipes!

Frozen Food Day

What would we do without this ingenious invention? In my case a clear thing: I would have starved to death many years ago!
pexels-photo-3696170 1

Day of the earthworm

Today, yes exactly today, we celebrate the day of the earthworm. For those of you who haven't been out in the wild for a while: These are small, slimy worms that burrow through the ground.

Change your password day

As funny as it may sound that such a day was created in the first place, it must surely be admitted that it is at least as important as the Honour Day of the beer can, which was celebrated only a few days earlier.

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Canned beer fans watch out, there's something to celebrate! Every year on 24 January, the Beer Can Appreciation Day day takes place in honour of the legendary beer can.

Rubber Duckie Day

As some of you of course know, today is Rubber Duck Day. Yeah, I guess good old Rubber Duck's been along for the ride. In the bathtub or as a gift... What do you mean, you haven't given away a ducky? You should definitely do that.

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